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File For Divorce

 File for divorce

File for Divorce

Before you file for divorce, you should take the time to review the options available for saving your marriage.  You can speak to your pastor, a marriage counselor, or research books written to help you with techniques for saving your marriage.  Many times a marriage that seems beyond repair, can actually be saved.


Once you have determined that your marriage cannot be saved and your only option is to file for divorce, then you have to determine whether you and your spouse can agree on the terms of the divorce.  If so, then you are a prime candidate for filing your own divorce and saving the thousands it typically costs to hire an attorney.


Keep in mind, if you and your spouse cannot agree on the terms of your divorce, and you have significate marital property and possibly minor children, then you should seek the advice of an attorney.


Otherwise, you have the option to file for divorce using the low-cost option of a professional divorce company, who specializes in preparing divorce documents for customers.  This will allow you to be able to file for divorce and get divorce documents that have been prepared specifically for your particular circumstances.  In addition, you will get the support you need to guide you through the divorce process.  The process of filing for divorce doesn't have to be difficult.


You have decided to file for divorce.


Once you have decided to file for divorce, and you have decided that you don't want to pay thousands of dollars to an attorney, some questions may quickly arise.  Most people have never gone through the divorce process before, and they will typically have some of the following questions:


1.  Where do I file my divorce.

2.  How much does it cost to file divorce.

3.  Do I sign in front of a notary or the court clerk.

4.  How many copies of my divorce documents do I file.

5.  Which documents do I file, and in what order.

6.  When does my spouse sign, or when do I serve my spouse.

7.  How do I set a final hearing date.

8.  What happens at the final hearing.  Do I see a Judge.


These are just some of the common questions that people have when they consider filing for divorce.  This is why a divorce service is so valuable.  A professional divorce service will prepare your documents for you and send them to you ready to sign and file with the court.  In addition, the documents will come with detailed step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process.  If you want to speak to someone about your questions, a divorce service will have a customer support department that can help guide you through the process and direct you to information you need to complete your divorce.


This is a common question asked by people, and is often the reason why people put off getting a divorce.  The problem is that people have not gone through the divorce process before and they just don't know the process on how to divorce.


The process of completing a divorce can seem overwhelming, and many times people will put it off because they think they need and attorney, but can't afford an attorney and they think the process is too difficult to complete on their own.


The reality is that people file their own divorces thousands of times every day.  In fact, over 70% of all law cases filed in court are filed without an attorney.  Anyone can file their own divorce with the court and do it in a professional manner, as long as they know some basic fact on how to divorce.


7 tips on to help you file for divorce.


  • 1.  Know where to file.  You will need to know where to file your divorce documents.  In our service, we will let you know the name of the court and the court address so that you will know exactly where to file your divorce.

  • 2.  What divorce documents are filed with the court.  One of the basic questions is what divorce documents are filed with the court.  We solve this problems 2 ways.  First, we provide detailed, simple to understand, step-by-step instructions along with the divorce documents.  Second, we have a knowledgeable customer support department that is available to answer your questions and guide through each step of your divorce process.

  • 3.  What if you don't where your spouse resides.  Many people don't file their divorce because they don't know the whereabouts of their spouse.  Some of our customers have not seen their spouse for over 10 years, but never filed for divorce because they didn't know they could file, even though their spouses whereabouts is unknown.  This is a very common circumstance with our customers, and we will help you through the process.

  • 4.  What is the step-by-step process for completing a divorce.  You will need to proceed with your divorce in a certain order, which is different for each state.  The process on how to divorce is usually quite simple, and helping you with the divorce proces is part of the service that we provide.

  • 5.  What if going to court seems overwhelming.  Many people put off filing for divorce because they don't like going to court, or the process seems too overwhelming.  We help break down the process and remove the overwhelming aspect of filing a divorce.  You can even mail in your divorce filings, so you don't even have to go to the court to file your divorce documents.

  • 6.  What happens at the final hearing for the divorce.  Many States will allow the divorce to become final without you having to attend any final hearing.  For the States that require that you attend a final hearing, you will find that in an uncontested divorce, it is only a few minutes and for the most part, you are just picking up the divorce decree after it has been signed by the Judge.

  • 7.  How to I know the divorce is final.   Your divorce is final when the final divorce order has been signed by the Judge and entered into the court docket.  You will have a copy of the final divorce order that has been signed by the Judge that you can keep in your records to show that your divorce have been finalized.

We take the worry out of filing for divorce.

We have been completing divorce documents for customers for over 17 years, and our experience shows.  ReliableDivorce is not an attorney firm, and we do not provide legal advice, but if you have an uncontested divorce, we can help you complete your divorce without having to spend thousands on an attorney.


Anyone can file their own divorce.  When filing for a divorce, you simply need to do some research, and work with a company who has the experience to make sure your divorce is completed properly. 


We look forward to helping your complete your divorce.  If you have any questions on the divorce process, feel free to give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to help you understand the divorce process before you get started.  We will give you the knowledge you need to make the right decisions about filing your divorce.




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