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We have simplified the process for filing

divorce in Ohio.

Join the thousand's of other customers who have benefitted from our service. 

100% Legal - 100% Guaranteed.

Information for filing a Divorce in Ohio


We understand that filing for a divorce is an extremely important time in your life.  We have completed divorces for customers though out the state of Ohio, and want to help make the process as simple as possible for you.

We guarantee that your documents will be accurate and that the court clerks will accept it for filing as meeting or exceeding their standards or you get your money back.  We can make this guarantee very confidently because we make it our mission to make sure our documents are complete and up-to-date with the newest court regulations.  If we don't make it right, we'll refund your money - 100%.

Important information about filing a divorce in Ohio.

We know how important is it for you to do the research on divorce.  Our highly experienced staff will help you through the process.  Please review the information below about filing a divorce in Ohio.

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Questions about child custody & visitation, property and support?

Please review the information below regarding child custody issues, property issues and support issues.  The information below will help you make decisions on how best to have your documents prepared. 


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Ohio Court Locations.

We provide divorce services for the entire state of Ohio.  Here is the information for some of the courts in Ohio.

Franklin County Court of Common Pleas: Franklin County Hall of Justice, 369 S. High Street, 6th Floor, Columbus, OH 43215-4554 Phone: (614) 462-3660 Fax: (614)462-4480

Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas: Cuyahoga County Courthouse,1200 Ontario St., Cleveland, OH 444113-1678 Phone: (216) 443-8560

Summit County Court of Common Pleas:Summit County Courthouse, 209 S. High Street, Akron, OH 44308-1610 Phone: (330) 643-2357

Lucas County Court of Common Pleas: Lucas County Courthouse, 700 Adams St., Toledo, OH 43604 Phone: (419) 213-4777 Fax: (419) 213-4764

Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas: 41 N. Perry St., Dayton, OH 45422 Phone: (937) 225-6299 Fax: (937) 496-7389

Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas: Hamilton County Courthouse, 1000 Main Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202 Phone: (513)946-5930 Fax: (513)946-5943

Ohio Divorce Filing Fees.

The court filing fees for a divorce in Ohio is approximately $225.

If your spouse won't sign and must be served, then the sheriff may charge a fee of approximately $25 to serve your spouse.

Note: If the whereabouts of your spouse is unknown, then a publication fee will apply.  The publication fee is approximately $65.

There are no additional fees for an uncontested divorce.
You may call the Clerk of the Court in your county to determine the exact fees in your county.

Methods of serving your spouse: 

1.  Your spouse Signs:  The most common way is to have your spouse sign the documents AFTER you have filed the complaint with the court.  You can hand deliver the documents , mail them or have a third party deliver them to your spouse.  This method is available even though your spouse is incarcerated. 

2.  Personal Service:   If your spouse will not sign or you are not sure if your spouse will sign then you can get service by having the sheriff in spouseď's
 county serve a copy of the filed documents along with other documents requiring spouseď's
 signature.  You can contact the sheriff in any state to serve your spouse.  You can also get service by Certified Mail, (Return Receipt Requested) if your spouse lives out of state.  If your spouse is incarcerated then you can get service by having the prison/jail officials serve your spouse.

3.  Service by publication.  If you cannot find your spouse after a diligent search then you can publish.  The publication fee for the newspaper is approximately $65 but varies for different counties.  Upon the filing of the Affidavit the clerk shall direct that service of notice be made by publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the county in which the complaint is filed.  We provide all the required documents for service by publication.

It really comes down to 3 things:  EXPERIENCE, SERVICE & PRICE.

Experience - 16 years of satisfied customers. As we stated before, the staff that will make sure your documents are just the way you need them has been doing this for over 16 years.  You will be in the hands of a professional staff who truly cares that your documents are completed correctly.  Our staff have helped over 50,000 customers and bring that experience in the preparation of your documents.  We are a company truly based on providing superior quality to our customers.

Dedicated customer relations staff and fast service.  Your documents will typically be back to you in a matter of hours (depending on when you submit during the day), and certainly will be back to you the next day ready for filing with the court (weekends excluded).  This way you can complete our online questionnaire today, and be at the court filing your divorce tomorrow.  We are available to answer your questions by phone during normal business hours, or by email with our extended-hours email support.  ReliableDivorce.com is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and our site is protected by VeriSign, an industry leader in internet information security, all in an effort to make your experience with ReliableDivorce.com as simple as possible.

Low-Cost and simple.  ReliableDivorce.com wants to make your experience as simple and professional as possible, without costing you extra money.  Although we invest in the continual research of the divorce laws and regulations for each state and always make sure that our customers are taken care of the best possible, we will never raise our price.  We want to make sure you can still have the service and professionalism you deserve and still have the service affordable.  This is why we operate an extremely organized and efficient operation, so that you can benefit from your experience with ReliableDivorce.com.

This is an important and stressful time...
Make sure you choose the right company
to help you through- ReliableDivorce.com.

No doubt you have done your research on which company to use.  We are certain you will find ReliableDivorce.com to offer you the highest level of quality and commitment.  When going through a difficult time in your life, don't complicate it more by hiring a company to complete your documents who don't have the proven experience to make sure they are done right. 

Every company who takes pride in what they do will sincerely believe that they truly offer the best service available - bar none.  This is because they are involved in the long hours and sacrifice necessary to make sure the company offers the best product or service available, and offer it at low price.  Well, at ReliableDivorce.com we are no different.  We simply cannot see how anyone else could complete the amount of research we have completed, place as many systems into the company operations geared towards customer satisfaction as we have, and was lucky (or skilled) enough to encompass a staff of this quality - and not believe there quality is second to none.  This is why we too believe that we are simply the best company for you to choose, with the highest level of dedication to our product and customer satisfaction.  This may be a biased opinion, but certainly an opinion all the employees at ReliableDivorce.com believe in strongly.

We desire to be able to serve you with your divorce document needs, and be able to show you the level of professionalism you deserve.  We know that during this time, what you need is someone who can relieve some of the stress, not add to it.  This is what ReliableDivorce.com is all about.  Providing you with divorce documents, specifically prepared for you, ready for you to simply sign and file with the court.  No hassles with wondering where your documents are or wondering if they are accurate and legal for your court - Just confidence that you are dealing with a company who will get it done right.  We have taken the guess work out of the equation.    

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Your Ohio Divorce 

Reliable Divorce staff have helped over 50,000
customers over the past 16 years, and our experience shows with each new customer.  We stay with you through the entire divorce process so you're not trying to do this on your own.  With ReliableDivorce.com, you never have to go through the process alone.


Save Money 

Reliable Divorce saves your money.  You can save thousands over the high cost of an attorney, and you can save money by having the experience of ReliableDivorce do your documents right the first time.  Our experience counts.


Fast Process - Personal Service - 100% Guarantee 

Every customer is backed by a 100% money back guarantee.  Please read our guarantee page for more information on this great policy.  We start working on your documents the moment you submit your order.  Our divorce department will work with you personally.  We take the guess work out of getting a divorce.


Simple Process - Guaranteed 1 day service 

Submit your order today, file tomorrow.  We make our process simple and we guarantee your documents to be to you in less than 24 hours, ready to sign and file with the court.  Then we stay with you until your divorce is final - that's service.


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