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Jefferson County Divorce Forms

 divorce forms

Jefferson County, Alabama Divorce Forms

Making sure that you use court approved Jefferson County Divorce Forms is very important in obtaining a divorce without problems.  A common problem that people have is that they use outdated, poorly constructed or incomplete forms for their divorce that they find online.  Using generic divorce forms, or any divorce forms that are not approved by for use in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Alabama is one of the most common reason why people are not able to complete their divorce on their own.  Using an online divorce service that will provide you with court approved Alabama divorce forms, and provide ongoing customer support, is a cheap solution to ensure that your divorce is completed professionally and without delays.

One of the most important steps to completing a divorce is making sure you start with court approved Jefferson County divorce forms. 

Having court approved forms that are prepared correctly will save you from having to redo certain aspects of the divorce process, or save you from possibly having your divorce case dismissed.

Divorce forms are filed with the Circuit Court in Jefferson County, located at 716 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. N., Birmingham, AL 35203.  Phone: (205)325-5355.

Simple steps to getting court approved Jefferson County divorce forms:

    If you are familiar with doing divorces yourself.

  1. Locate the divorce forms:  If you are familiar with which Alabama divorce forms you will need to complete your divorce, then you can contact the Jefferson County Circuit Court and see if they have divorce forms available to the public.  You can also go to the court website and see whether they have forms available to download.  If so, you can download all the Jefferson County, Alabama divorce forms that apply to your situation.  (Note: You will find many forms that may not apply to your divorce situation.  You must make sure the documents you obtain are correct for your situation.)

  2. Validate the Divorce Forms:  Make sure you are using the most recent forms for Jefferson County Circuit court.  Most divorce forms will include a date on the bottom of the form, showing that it is current.

  3. Educate yourself with court procedures:  Be careful to perform all the steps necessary to complete your divorce.  If you don't file the documents in the proper order, or send out notices properly, or serve you spouse properly, your divorce will be postponed, or dismissed.  So please familiar yourself with the divorce process if you are doing a divorce without the assistance of an attorney or online divorce service.

    If you are NOT familiar with doing divorces yourself.

  4. Online Divorce Services:  Use a reputable online divorce service that will prepare professional divorce forms that are guaranteed to be accepted by the Jefferson County, Alabama Circuit Court.  Also use a company who is well-established and will be available to answer your questions and provide the support you will need to complete your divorce.  They will need to be very knowledgeable of the Alabama divorce procedures and familiar with the Jefferson County divorce forms.

  5. Prepare Alabama divorce forms for you:  Hire a website like to prepare your Jefferson County divorce forms.  This will insure that your divorce forms are correct, and that you have proper guidance throughout the entire process. 

  6. Divorce Service Guarantees:  Be careful when using an online divorce service and make sure they use current forms and guarantee their service.  Some online divorce services do not update their forms often enough to provide you with current divorce forms.  Be sure you get the current divorce forms for your county.  You can be assured when using, that you will receive the proper Alabama divorce forms for filing in your specific county court.

  7. Dealing with Court Clerks:  For the most part, the court clerk is there to assist you in filing your divorce forms with the court.  They will take your documents, stamp a case number on your documents, and in some circumstances, they will let you know the next step of the divorce process.

With the help of a well-established online divorce service, you can be assured that you have the correct Jefferson County divorce forms for filing with the Circuit Court.

Alabama Divorce forms with children:   If you have children, you will need divorce documents that include provisions for custody and support.  Divorce documents that are filed in Alabama will require certain documents in relation to custody and child support.  The Alabama divorce documents for a divorce with children will include a "Standard Parenting Clauses" document, "Order/Notice to Withhold Income for Child Support", "Additional Information to Employers and other Withholders", "Child Support Information Sheet" as well as assorted child support guideline worksheet forms.  You will be required to present all the required documents to the court before the Judge will finalize your divorce.

Alabama Military divorce forms:  In reality, there is no such thing as a military divorce, and there are no specific Military Divorce forms.  The term "military divorce" is not a specific legal term.  There are laws which pertain to people who are in the military, and benefits are given to people in the military, and retirement, spousal support and property can be specific to people in the military, but there are no specific forms that would be referred to as "military divorce forms".   The divorce forms used by people in the military are the same documents used by civilians, but they will include some additional forms due to their current military service.  Military divorce forms include the proper affidavits and include the separation of military retirement according to federal and state laws.  We are familiar with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act of 2003 which updates and strengthens the previous Soldiers & Sailors Civil Relief Act of 1940.  Our staff includes former military members with extensive years of service, who understand the military provisions.

Anyone can file their own divorce documents with the court and do it in a professional manner by relying on professional licensed paralegals certified by the Supreme Court in their state. (Our license # 81152)

Click the link below to go back to the Alabama Divorce Documents main page.  Put in your information at the top of the page to start the divorce questionnaire.

We have been doing divorce documents for about 17 years.  We prepare documents for all 50 States and throughout Canada.  We guarantee our Alabama divorce forms and provide you with a knowledgeable support staff to guide you through the divorce process until your divorce is final.

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You are on your way to filing professional Alabama divorce forms with the court.



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