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Alabama Online Divorce

 online divorce

Alabama Online Divorce

Alabama Online Divorce is a very confusing and misunderstood phrase.  Some people tend to think that a divorce can be completed online, through a process that doesn't involve the Court.  The only divorces done in the USA and Canada are ones in which documents are filed with your local court and the final divorce decree is signed by a Judge.  Let’s discuss the term “Alabama online divorce” further.


Defining the term "Alabama Online Divorce".


Many Attorneys and Document Preparation Firms (Paralegals) advertise on the internet as well as the conventional means of advertising to present their services to the public.  They still use the court approved divorce forms prepared in their offices just like previously done for the last 100 years.  These companies use technology, such as the internet, so that their professional service can reach people who don't have access to this type of service locally.  The revolution of technology has allowed internet users access to the services of professional Alabama online divorce companies and the benefit of savings thousands of dollars.


For the most-part, as determined by our research, the term “Alabama Online Divorce” can be defined as "the process of getting a divorce completed by means of utilizing a professional divorce preparation company who advertises their services on the internet". 


Benefits of using an "Alabama Online Divorce".  Years ago, before the internet was readily used by the public, most people who wanted to get a divorce were forced to pay thousands of dollars to a local attorney for the preparation of their divorce documents and the processing of their divorce.  Now people have access to professional Alabama online divorce companies who will prepare their divoce documents for them and provide support through the entire divorce process.


Tips to getting an Alabama Online Divorce.


When you have decided that your marriage cannot be saved, and your only option is to divorce, you can now get a divorce very inexpensively, and still have the professionalism that you expect.


When selecting a company to help you complete your Alabama online divorce, you should look for the following qualities:

  1. Guaranteed Court Approval.  The company who you choose should openly guarantee that their documents will be approved by the court.  Do not use any company who does not provide you with a written guarantee that their documents will be court approved.

  2. Look for length of service.  We know from experience that it takes many years to perfect the service of providing quality divorce documents nationwide.  It takes thousands of hours of reserch and many thousands of dollars towards development before any company is ready to provide this service.  In addition, the people who actually prepare your documents need to be seasoned professionals, not just new employees hired to prepare your divorce documents.  Demand perfection.  If a company has not been doing this for at least 10 years, it is our opinion that they would not have the expertise to provide you with the level of service you will require to complete your divorce without complications.

  3. Competive Pricing.  You should be able to get a service to prepare the documents for you in a professional manner and provide you customers support for between $250-$300.  If you pay less than this, you are very likely using a company without the experience you require to get documents that the court is going to approve and you could risk having your case dismissed.  It would be difficult for a professional company to provide this service for much less than $250.  So if you find a service in this price range, you are probably about right.

  4. Customer Support.  Completing an Alabama online divorce can be very simple as long as you have the correct divorce documents and the customer support backing your efforts.  Just like building a car engine is difficult, or impossible, if you don't have the knowledge, completing a divorce can be difficult, or impossible, if you don't have the knowledge on how to process the divorce through the court.'s professional and experienced staff will prepare your divorce documents for you and will continue the service with a knowledgeable support staff.

  5. Court Licence.  You should only use an Alabama online divorce service who is licensed to prepare legal divorce documents by the court where they hold their primary office.  Court licensing is only provided to companies who prove their training and pass exams required for licensing.  Using a court licensed Alabama online divorce service will help ensure that you are using a qualified company.

Typical list of divorce forms filed with the court.

1.  Court Information Sheet

2.  Complaint for Divorce.

3.  Notice of divorce action

4.  Answer, Waiver and agreement for taking testimony.

5.  Affidavit of Consent

6.  Testimony of Plaintiff

7.  Affidavit of corroborating witness

8.  Commission to take testimony

9.  Application, affidavit and entry of default

10. Final Judgment

11. Notice of entry of judgment of divorce

12. Marital Settlement Agreement

13. Certificate of Divorce


If you have children, you will also need the following:


13.  Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act Affidavit

14.  Standard Parenting Clauses

15.  Child support orders and child support worksheet documents


NOTE:  This is just an example of a typical list of documents required to complete a divorce in Alabama.  This may not be an accurate list of divorce documents for filing in your specific county.  The documents for filing in your specific county may be different.  This is just a typical example.


Alabama Online Divorce does have its advantages.  You can receive a professional service from dedicated people who take pride in what they do, and have the service at a fraction of what this type of service would have cost just 10 years ago.

We guarantee our Alabama divorce forms and provide you with a knowledgeable support staff to guide you through the divorce process until your divorce is final.

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You are on your way to filing professional Alabama divorce forms with the court.



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