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ReliableDivorce Guarantee 

100% Guaranteed Court Acceptance ("Company") is confident that the forms it generates will be accepted by your local court if you comply with the instructions included. Within 30 days after receipt of your forms, you must file them with your local court. In the event the court does not accept the forms due to Company's error, we will promptly make any changes the court requests at no additional cost to you. In the rare event that we cannot resolve the issue, a full refund will be issued (verification of rejection may be required). Obviously, we cannot guarantee the final outcome of your divorce, but we strive to help you and your spouse obtain the results you are seeking. 

Refund Policy

The company's services go well beyond preparing your divorce forms. We provide valuable services through the use of our website, including answers to common questions, instructions for filing, and customer service. Therefore, we cannot offer a refund in cases where the customer has used our post-payment services, which include post-payment online interviews, questionnaires, forms, instructions, and customer service. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that your spouse will sign the divorce papers. However, within 30 days of purchase, you may request a full refund if you have not used any of our post-payment services.

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