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Tennessee Online Divorce

Your Divorce Handled Your Way ™

Our simple online process makes getting divorced quick, easy and affordable and without the hassle of hiring a lawyer or going to court.  We understand that going through a divorce can be a difficult and emotionally taxing experience, which is why we offer a simple and convenient way to take care of everything online.


If you are looking for a reliable online divorce service in Tennessee, look no further than ReliableDivorce.  We have been helping people get divorced since 2007. 

  • Guaranteed approval by Tennessee courts

  • 100% Money Back Guarantee

  • Lowest price on the market at $99

  • No hidden fees

  • Receive your divorce papers today

  • Unlimited ability to make revisions and generate new documents

  • Created by divorce lawyers

  • Legal professional is available to answer any questions

Why Choose Us?

Because you don't like paying more for the same product.

You can pay other online divorce services up to $299 to receive the same completed divorce papers that you would receive from for just $99.  Plus, our $99 price includes the option to schedule a phone conference with the legal professional assigned to your case (your Case Manager) to walk you through each step of the process and answer any questions you may have.

Because you want accurate, up to date divorce papers with a proven track record of acceptance by the court.

Since was created by divorce attorneys and is operated by divorce attorneys, you receive the same divorce papers that divorce lawyers file with the court every day, but without having to spend thousands of dollars on attorney's fees.

Because you want a single, upfront price and not be hit with hidden fees later down the road.

Many other services start hitting you up for additional fees shortly after you sign up (and after already paying their initial fee).  These additional fees often include "storage fees" to maintain your information or monthly charges just so you may continue to access your own documents. However, we will never ask you to pay any additional fees. With, you will always have unlimited access to your account so that, at any time, you may make changes to your information and generate new documents regardless of how long ago you signed up for our service.

If your goal is an affordable and stress-free divorce, click the Start Now button.

Getting an Online Divorce in Tennessee

Our online divorce service is designed for spouses who want a simple, cheap and fast divorce in Tennessee. The key factor to determine whether an online divorce will work for your situation is that both spouses can agree to the terms of the divorce, including the division of property, division of debts and any child-related issues, if applicable. makes the online divorce process easy and affordable for virtually every budget. Based on your answers to our questionnaire, we determine all the necessary documents you will need and the documents are prepared as required for the court’s approval.  We provide you step-by-step written instructions beginning with how to file your divorce papers and all the way through how to finalize your divorce.  


We have spent more than 15 years helping people file for and complete their divorce. Unlike many other online divorce services, our services don’t end once you file your initial divorce papers. We also want to make sure you are easily able to finalize your divorce as quickly as Tennessee law allows.  We understand that even with step-by-step instructions to guide you through the divorce process, it can still be overwhelming. That’s why our service continues even after you have your completed divorce papers in hand. Included with our service is the option to schedule a phone consultation with your case manager who can answer any questions you may have or even walk you through each step of the process if necessary. 


The bottom line is that if you and your spouse can agree on the terms of your divorce, then an online divorce is the fastest, easiest and least expensive option to dissolve your marriage. Whether you have children, own a home or own other property, as long as you and your spouse can reach an agreement on all such issues, then you are eligible to use our online divorce services to file your divorce in Tennessee.


Click the Start Now button to begin the process today.


Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is one in which both spouses have reached an agreement on all the major issues, such as property division, division of debt, child custody, child support, and spouse support.


A contested divorce in one in which the spouses cannot reach an agreement on the major issues and, as a result, the court will have to decide the final outcome on the disputed issues.


In either type of divorce, the process starts by one spouse filing for divorce.


Benefits to an Uncontested Divorce


  • Save Money. Spouses save a significant amount of money in an uncontested divorce vs. a contested divorce. Instead of paying the high attorney’s fees that accompany a contested divorce, that money stays in the parties’ pockets.

  • Save Time. Because the spouses have already reached an agreement on the important issues, the paperwork is stream-lined and the parties don’t have to spend time attending multiple court hearings and formal negations that can take many months or even years to complete.

  • Save Mental Health. Fighting your divorce out in court adds additional stress to an already difficult situation. An uncontested divorce results in a much easier and less stressful legal process.


We created our Tennessee online divorce service to maximize these benefits. provides the lowest price online divorce service in the market with the fastest results. You receive your divorce papers immediately after completing our online questionnaire so you can file your divorce today or any other day you choose.

Legal Consultant

Your Divorce Handled Your Way ™

No hidden fees - Only one low price of $99 and never a penny more.

How to File for Divorce Without a Lawyer

Our online divorce service makes it easy to file for divorce without a lawyer.  There is no requirement that you have a lawyer to file for divorce in Tennessee. In fact, in many Tennessee counties, more than half the divorces filed are completed without involvement of a lawyer.  Once you sign up to use our online divorce service, you simply fill out our online questionnaire to begin your divorce paperwork.  It can either be filled out on your own or with your spouse's help.   We provide you with all the paperwork needed to file and complete your divorce along with detailed instructions for every step of the process.

The first step of the process is to ensure you meet the state's residency requirements to file for divorce in Tennessee.

Residency Requirement: If the grounds for the divorce occurred in the state, there is no minimum residency requirement and a divorce action may be filed at any time.  Otherwise, at least one spouse must have lived in the state for 180 days prior to filing for divorce. [Tennessee Code §36-4-104].


Divorce papers may be filed in:

1) the county where the spouses lived on the date of their separation,

2) the county where the defendant currently lives, or

3) the county where the plaintiff lives if the defendant does not live in the state. [Tennessee Code §36-4-105].

Detailed court-filing instructions are included with your completed divorce papers, so that you know how the process works.

Grounds for Divorce

Tennessee provides 14 grounds on which a divorce may be filed:

Two Years Separation with No Minor Children.  This is Tennessee’s only true “no-fault” ground for divorce since it doesn’t even require an allegations of irreconcilable differences.  The only requirements for this ground is that the spouses don’t have any minor children together and they have lived separate and apart for two or more years.

Irreconcilable Differences. This ground can only be used when both spouses agree on all the issues in the divorce so that a settlement agreement can be filed with the court. Both spouses must also agree that irreconcilable differences have risen to such a level that the parties cannot live under the same roof together


Inappropriate Marital Conduct (or Cruel and Inhuman Treatment).  This ground is a catch-all for a wide variety of misconduct by a spouse.  The spouse’s misconduct has made living together as husband and wife unsustainable or unacceptable.  Examples of such acts include repetitive verbal assaults, mental, physical or emotional abuse, and long-term refusal to have intimate relations with the other spouse.   


Adultery. The plaintiff spouse must prove both the defendant spouse’s infidelity, as well as, the plaintiff spouse’s chastity.


Bigamy.  You can only be married to one person at one time in Tennessee.


Impotency.  The impotency must pre-date the marriage and be incurable.


Desertion for One Year. This requires a spouse to intentionally desert the other spouse without good cause for a period of at least one year.


Conviction of an Infamous Crime. Tennessee laws define what are considered “infamous” crimes, such as incest, rape, forgery, bribery, etc.


Conviction of a Felony. The spouse must be convicted of a crime after the marriage and sentenced to prison.


Attempt to Kill the Other Spouse.  The spouse must have made a deliberate and intentional attempt to kill the other spouse.


Unreasonable Refusal to Move to Tennessee.  This ground may be used when the plaintiff spouse lives in Tennessee and the defendant spouse has intentionally and without good reason refused to move to Tennessee for at least two years.

Pregnancy by Another Man at the Time of Marriage.  The husband cannot have known about the pregnancy at the time of marriage.  If the spouses engaged in sexual relations with each other prior to the marriage, then the husband cannot allege this ground on the basis that the husband could not have reasonably presumed his wife’s chastity.


Habitual Intoxication or Abuse of Narcotics.  The plaintiff spouse could not have been aware of the other spouse’s alcohol or drug abuse at the time of marriage.


Indignities. This requires the attempted or actual infliction of physical pain to the other spouse.


Abandonment.  This is used when the defendant spouse kicks out the plaintiff spouse and refuses to provide the plaintiff spouse any financial support.

Child Support

Child support is set based on the state-mandated guidelines.  Using a Tennessee child support calculator is best for determining the amount of child support to be paid. The child support calculator uses the child support guidelines prescribed by Tennessee law. In the event that you and your spouse cannot agree on this issue, the court will use the same calculation as the basis for determining the support obligation.  Our online divorce service provides you the guidelines and a child support calculator during your questionnaire. 

Child support in Tennessee ends when the child reaches age 18 unless the child is still in high school, in which case it will end when the child graduates or when he/she should have graduated. [Tennessee Code §34-1-102].

Child Custody and Visitation

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Legal Custody in Tennessee

Legal custody refers to who makes or participates in the major decisions regarding the raising of the child.

Legal custody is determined based on what is in the child's best interest.

[Tennessee Code §36-6-101].

Joint Legal Custody is where both parents have the right to participate in making the major decisions affecting the child. 

Sole Legal Custody is where only one parent has the right to make decisions affecting the child.

In Tennessee, courts generally favor joint legal custody, but not necessarily joint or equal physical custody of a child.

Physical Custody in Tennessee

Physical custody says who the children will primarily reside with and the other parent will have visitation as discussed below. 

In Tennessee, the non-custodial parent generally has the same visitation rights regardless of whether sole custody or joint custody is ordered in the divorce decree.  There are exceptions to this general rule of course, such as when there is a history of domestic violence.


Visitation can be any schedule agreed upon by both parents and can be changed at any time provided both parents are in agreement. Basically, the parents are in control of visitation provided they both agree to it and it is in the best interest of the child. If the parents cannot reach an agreement on visitation then the court will require the parents to follow a specific schedule that is determined by the court.  The state provides guidelines on visitation and many parents find it easier to just go by the standard guideline visitation schedule. This will be explained in more detail in your divorce papers.

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Tennessee Divorce Forms

Our Tennessee forms are guaranteed to be approved by the court.  Our software determines what forms are needed and how to correctly complete the forms based on the answers you provide when completing our online questionnaire.  Our software is updated anytime there is a change in the Tennessee divorce laws.  Our service makes getting an online divorce as seamless as possible and at a price that meets every budget. 

Tennessee Divorce - FAQ

How long will my divorce take?

Short Answer:  Between 75-110 days.

Detailed Answer:  Tennessee has two different mandatory waiting periods depending on whether or not there are minor children.  If the parties do not have minor children together, then a 60-day waiting period applies that begins when the initial petition is filed.  If there are minor children, then a 90-day waiting period applies.  This means the court cannot finalize any divorce until after the applicable waiting period has expired.  The actual time it takes will largely depend on how quickly you and your spouse complete and file all the necessary paperwork and the judge's schedule. 


What documents are needed to file for divorce in Tennessee?

Short Answer:  1) Complaint for Divorce, 2) Summons, and 3) Personal Information Form.

Detailed Answer:   Additional documents are needed if spouses have minor children together.  Our online divorce service will provide you all of the forms needed for the entire divorce process along with detailed instructions for every step.  If you have any questions along the way, you may also schedule a call with one of our legal professionals who will walk you through the process.

How soon can I get remarried after my divorce is final?

Short Answer:  Immediately.


Detailed Answer:  Tennessee law does not have a mandatory waiting period between finalizing a divorce and when a party may marry another person. 

Can I file for divorce in Tennessee if my spouse lives in another state?

Short Answer:  Yes.

Detailed Answer:  If your spouse lives outside of Tennessee, then as long as you satisfy the state's residency requirement, you may file in the state.  

How long do I need to live in Tennessee before I can file for divorce in the state?

Short Answer:  0 days-180 days.

Detailed Answer:  Tennessee Residency Requirement:  If the grounds for the divorce occurred in the state, there is no minimum residency requirement and a divorce action may be filed at any time.  Otherwise, at least one spouse must have lived in the state for 180 days prior to filing for divorce.

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Why ReliableDivorce stands above other online divorce services:

Divorce Attorney Created Documents & Instructions: Our online divorce service, including all our divorce forms, instructions and questionnaires, was founded by and continues to be operated by divorce attorneys.

Instant Divorce Documents: Unlike other online divorce services, you don't have to wait days or even weeks to receive your divorce papers.  With ReliableDivorce, your documents are completed in real time so you can file your papers today. 

Best Value: At $99, we have the lowest price complete online divorce service on the market. You will never be hit with any of the hidden fees or monthly fees that you find at most other online divorce services.

Dedicated Case Manager: Access to the legal professional assigned to your case who can walk you through every step of the process.

Court-Approved Forms:  All our divorce forms are court-approved and guaranteed to be accepted by the court.

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100% Money Back Guarantee:  We guarantee our forms will be accepted by the court or we will refund 100% of your fee to use our service.

Free Name Change: You may change your name at no additional cost, whether you are going back to a maiden name, or changing to a completely different first, middle and/or last name.  

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Step-by-Step Instructions: We provide you detailed instructions for every step of the divorce process. If you are unsure or simply anxious about a step, you may schedule a call with your case manager who will walk you through any part of the process and answer any questions you may have. 

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