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Online Divorce in

Martin County, Kentucky

We offer the fastest and cheapest way to get a divorce in Kentucky.

All our divorce forms have been approved by the Supreme Court of Kentucky. As a result, court approval of your completed divorce papers is guaranteed.

As long as your divorce is uncontested, you can have your completed divorce papers in hand today for just $99.

Getting an Online Divorce in

Requirements to use our Kentucky online divorce service: 

1. You must know the location of your spouse.

2. You and your spouse must be able to agree on all the terms of the divorce, such as division of property and debt, child custody (if applicable) and any support issues. 

We have spent more than 15 years helping people file for and complete their divorce. Unlike many other online divorce services, our services don’t end once you file your initial divorce papers. We also want to make sure you are easily able to finalize your divorce as quickly as state divorce law allows.  We understand that even with step-by-step instructions to guide you through the process, it can still be overwhelming. That’s why our service continues to provide you support even after you have your completed divorce papers in hand. Included with our service is the option to schedule a phone consultation with your case manager who can answer any questions you may have or even walk you through each step of the process if necessary. 


Whether you have children, own a home or own other property, as long as you and your spouse can reach an agreement on all such issues, then you qualify to handle your divorce online.


Martin County, Kentucky

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How to use ReliableDivorce for your

Martin County Divorce

The online divorce process is simple.  Once you complete our online questionnaire, our system will determine which forms are needed for your specific circumstances and generate your customized divorce papers.  Within minutes of submitting your answers to the questionnaire, your completed documents will be available for you to download immediately and they will also be sent to you via email.

Your divorce forms are guaranteed to be in compliance with Kentucky divorce laws and your county's local rules.  Included with your completed divorce forms, you will receive detailed instructions that cover every step of the process from filing your papers to finalizing your divorce.  Should you need additional guidance during the divorce process, our legal professionals are available to you via email, chat or telephone.

Filing for Divorce Without a Lawyer in

Martin County, Kentucky

Our online divorce service makes it easy to file for divorce without a lawyer.  There is no requirement that you have a lawyer to file for divorce in your state.  In fact, in many counties, more than half of all divorces are filed and completed without any lawyer involvement. Once you sign up to use our online divorce service, you simply fill out our online questionnaire to begin your divorce paperwork.  It can either be filled out on your own or with your spouse's help.   We provide you with all the paperwork needed to file and complete your divorce along with detailed instructions for every step of the process.

The bottom line is that if you and your spouse can agree to the terms of your divorce, there is simply no need to spend thousands of dollars on attorney's fees and waste months or even years going through legal proceedings.  With ReliableDivorce, your divorce can be final in approximately 60 days and at a cost of $99 plus the county's filing fees, if applicable. 

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ReliableDivorce Benefits

Divorce Attorney Created Documents & Instructions: Our online divorce service, including all our divorce forms, instructions and questionnaires, was founded by and continues to be operated by divorce attorneys.

Instant Divorce Documents: Unlike other online divorce services, you don't have to wait days or even weeks to receive your divorce papers.  With ReliableDivorce, your documents are completed in real time so you can file your papers today. 

Best Value: At $99, we have the lowest price complete online divorce service on the market. You will never be hit with any of the hidden fees or monthly fees that you find at most other online divorce services.

Dedicated Case Manager: Access to the legal professional assigned to your case who can walk you through every step of the process.

Court-Approved Forms:  All our divorce forms are court-approved and guaranteed to be accepted by the court.

100% Money Back Guarantee:  We guarantee our forms will be accepted by the court or we will refund 100% of your fee to use our service.

Step-by-Step Instructions: We provide you detailed instructions for every step of the divorce process. If you are unsure or simply anxious about a step, you may schedule a call with your case manager who will walk you through any part of the process and answer any questions you may have. 

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